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Message from Lassiter Touchdown Club Executive Board

By Kirk McElreath, 04/02/21, 2:45PM EDT


Welcome to Lassiter 2021 Football Team

We are excited to welcome you to the 2021 Trojan Football Season.  As part of the Lassiter Touchdown Club executive board, I am excited and honored to be able to introduce a wave of changes that we feel will energize and anchor a successful and fun season.

We will get the best news out of the way… NO MORE DIBS.  For those who do not know, this was a program of volunteering that some perceptions were more of a burden than a joy.  Usually, anything that someone pays money to not need to do, is a sign that this is not what we really WANT to do.  Our intent is to be incredibly grateful to those who have come before us.  Those who included their child into our program.  Those who volunteered their time and invested their money and heart into this program.  They may or may not sense their contribution was appreciated.  We do appreciate each parent, patron, player, alumnus, faculty member, and visitor that makes our experience even better when we have more of you in the stadium. 

This is only the first of many visions we have for our program.  We plan to INCORPORATE and INCLUDE more of our wonderful student body, faculty, and community.

What is the TROJAN way of financing a program?  FULL TIME incorporation.  1/3 Player, 1/3 Parent, 1/3 Community.  Through this approach, we can offer a product that competes with our neighboring programs for substantially less direct investment from a member parent.


Players will do two fundraising programs, discount card sales, and the email campaign.  These two programs will make up the efforts of the players to earn through solicitation throughout our community to have people support their work, attend our events, and give to the cause.  We feel that this is especially important in the lessons this program teaches of self-sufficiency and getting out and speaking positively about your community.  Learning through action about pride and a skill that is probably even more important than throwing, catching, and running, but verbalizing and acting.  $400 is deposited by every member on behalf of each player, that the player earns back by participating in the sale of the coupon cards.  The money is kept by the family as the cards are sold. 


Parents have economic responsibility for their dependent student athletes.  We have many competing activities we could get these young people involved within our community.  The fees associated with this year-round event are affordable when viewed with the understanding that this activity is developing them in ways that support the on-going competitive spirit.  Speaking up for yourself, pushing through physical obstacles, learning more about your own character in ways that may not always look so pretty, are some of the lessons we are paying for.  Our $665 fee for one player in the household and $250 per for the additional members, is for the entirety of a year.  This is an annual fee that allows coaching and access to facilities that far exceed a personal training session.  We also have medical professionals who assist in teaching and developing the individual young athlete.


Our Community Sponsors are essential to our success as a program.  We absolutely could not afford to provide the quality of facilities and coaching staff that we do without them.  Please support these companies and individuals who support your TROJAN community.  If your small, medium, or large business can make a tax-deductible contribution to become a TROJAN themselves, please put the executive board in touch with them.  Our year-round sponsors will be on-hand at our festival, our games, and many of our parent meet and greet events.  Our procurement of sponsors and especially the branding partners within the stadium, could not be accomplished without on-going support.


Our goals for the Lassiter Touchdown Club this year are as follows –

  1. Win.  Provide the support and encouragement to the program such that the best coaches, have the best resources to work with the healthiest and best prepared athletes we can produce.  This includes assuring all are academically eligible.  All athletes are emotionally healthy by providing comradery and positive self-identity through the association with others.  And that all athletes attend a rigorous schedule of physically demanding activity that has proven to develop the muscle and mental strength required to perform at the highest level possible.
  2. Promotion of the program though social media and website digital resources.  Make a part of your regular checking in process of what is going on in our community.  Blogs, notes from board meetings, and announcements that are relevant will be posted at that point, and dispersed through various social media.  Go to the source so you stay updated.
  3. Definition of the community for what it is; The best place to live in the world.  Provide an atmosphere throughout the week and during our events to be one that people welcome other members and visitors alike.  Build traditions that are healthy in support of this community.  Encourage celebrations that demonstrate pride in TROJAN Nation. 

A sign-up genius connection will be on the website that allows all those who want to take their talents and put them to good use with this organization.  We will tap shoulders from time to time, but we want to hear what you can, and want to do to contribute to our community.  Please give feedback.  Send to, to inspire an influence that was not thought of before.   

Our Calendar will be constantly updated on the website.  We plan to have face to face parent meet and greets and other activities that will allow us to further connect.  All members are welcome at board meetings.