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Recent JR. VARSITY News

Creekview Camp

By Kirk McElreath 07/14/2021, 2:45pm EDT

Picking up your athelete

Our start time at Creekview is 8am on Wednesday and Thursday July 14th and 15th.  It will go until approximately 10:30 am.  If you have someone who doesn't drive and need to pick them up, please be advised it could let out a little early, or a little late.  The reason this event is not one that we procure and pay for buses to transport all athletes is that not all athletes require transportation and the decision was made to utilize independent transportation.  

We appreciate the support and participation of everyone.



Fall Festival

By Kirk McElreath 07/07/2021, 10:30am EDT

Celebration of Lutzie

This year, in conjunction with Lutzie 43 foundation, Lassiter will have a Fall Festival on August 7th.  This will be a celebration of sport.  The day will start with the annual Lutzie 43, 5K run.  This is going to allow individuals and teams to participate bringing focus on responsible attentive driving.  This is the number one killer of teens in the United States.  Middle school students and high school students will also have an opportunity to view fall sports at Lassiter and participate in football and other sports skill testing.  The carnival atmosphere will be informational for all athletes and parents about how to get involved in various extracurricular activities at Lassiter High.  The run begins at 8:00 am at Lassiter.  Please go to to register. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event.

Lutzie and the Electrifying environment

By Kirk McElreath 06/18/2021, 4:00pm EDT

It was great until it wasn't...

Lutzie was all wet today...

We started off on time and with the sun shinning.  First set of games and challenges with the "BIG'S" were great.  Then the Lightning came.  Funny thing about the great turf fields we have, they don't do anything for stopping the Lightning from shutting us down.  

But, we still have tomorrow and the Varsity will get to strap it on with the 7v7 action starting on all 6 fields at noon.  The action will go into the evening as long as Mr. Lightning will keep his distance.  Social Distancing is much appreciated when it comes to his electrifying ways.  

Coach Thom has given direction to our players and the parents and volunteers will be needed at the event starting at noon.  

Hope to see everyone at the event.

Go Trojans!

Two youth boys going for a football being passed