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The Lassiter Touchdown Club is open Dibs for 2019 volunteer opportunities! The tool is part of the Lassiter Football website and insures that information like email addresses, scheduling and tracking completed assignments are more accurate. 

Simply click on the  image of the volunteer to the right to go to the DIBS page.  You will be able to use list or calendar views and be able to filter by category which is our event listing.  Each game or event has a separate category description that will allow you to look up specific events like varsity games by opponent. - NOTE: You must have registered your player in order to access this page.  MORE OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE ADDED IN THE COMING DAYS.  Check back often!

Dibs is the Official Volunteer Sign Up Tool!

"Dibs" Volunteer management will help us organize game day operations with a system to assign and claim volunteer shifts. TDC members can browse Dib Sessions and claim responsibility for the volunteer duty of their choice. The Dibs system then tracks your participation and issues credit for completing your shift. 

You should create a Login Account to not only use the scheduling tool, but also to take advantage of all the information available to members in our website; we DO NOT give out your account information.  If you create a new account you may need to send an email to our Webmaster to make sure your son's registration gets attached to your account.

Renee Brown

Volunteer Interim

Phone: 770-262-3891

2019 Season Volunteer Scheduling

Click image to go to DIBS!

Documents for Volunteer Duties